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Here at we feel we provide a pretty darn great service for our clients here in Chattanooga TN and the other locations we service. There are a lot of options out there for you as a Chattanooga homeowner to sell your house. You can list it with an agent (and pay their fees and wait for it to sell to a retail buyer), you can attempt to sell it yourself, or you can sell your house to a local Chattanooga home buyer like us.  Whatever your option we want you to feel 100% comfortable with your choice and confident you’ve made the right decision.

We get two main questions when local area home owners talk to us about selling their house.   First first question is “How does the process work?”, the second question is always centered around how you can be assured that we’ll do what we say each and every time.

So… below are a few of our recent clients and their experience with us.

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I think I called like 10 different buy your home places that I found online. And Michael was the easiest to work with.  He did 95% of the work on the process, he gave us a fair amount for the house we had, and he kept in contact the whole time. He contacted the title company, permit places, everything and had contact with us at least a couple times a week when we were closing the process out. I would definitely recommend him!

He also followed up with us after and it genuinely made it feel like such a good thing.

- Elizabeth Adkins, Chattanooga

Closing on House in Chattanooga

“I needed to sell my mom’s house after she went into a nursing home. I called Michael. Everything you read on him and his company is TRUE. Professional, keeps his word and he’s the one your dealing with and he works for you till you close the deal. I was very happy with the price and how quick we were able to close. Thanks again Michael.” 5/15/18

- Allen G. - East Brainerd House Seller Testimonial

I recently sold a house to Michael.  It was on of the easiest sales I have ever experienced.  He made sure my husband and I understood every detail and that we were all in agreement.  He was available any time we had a question.  Michael was honest and up-front with us about everything.  My only regret is that we didn’t sell to Michael sooner!

- Holly Jarrett, Cleveland TN

Cash Home Buyer Cleveland TN

Michael was a pleasure to work with and was very flexible.  Fair offer and very professional.

- Kevin - Cleveland, TN

Michael was incredibly easy to work with! He was understanding and flexible. He followed through every step of the way. I would definitely work with him again!

- Lisa Howard, Hixson TN House Seller

Testimonial for Chattanooga House Buyer

I was skeptical about using a “buy your home” company. But Michael was very professional and made a top dollar offer on the first visit. He also offered exceptional credentials and references. After checking, I found that he had a great reputation with the bank and title company that we were using. He was very flexible on the closing and worked with us to close on our schedule. But the thing I was most impressed with was his understanding of the difficulty in selling a home that memories were built in. He was compassionate and helpful to work through that stressful process in a professional way. So I would highly recommend Michael and SellMichaelYourHouse!!”  Mike M. 4.23.17

- Mike Mitchell, Hixson TN


I sold my dad’s house to Michael in June of 2016 after his death.  Needless to say it was in poor condition and I have just seen pictures of the end result after remodeling.  I was totally shocked at how well everything looked.  It was a total transformation.  I would recommend Michael Rogers and his services to anyone looking to sell or remodel home.  Great job!




Click HERE to see pictures of this rehab.

- Gary Holt, East Ridge House Seller

Michael & Jonathan at closing. October 2014

“Working with Michael was great!  He was always available to talk about my concerns, answer all my questions, and he always kept his word.

After we signed the contract the title company found some old title issues and an error by the big bank that caused my mortgage to be recorded incorrectly.  This caused delays on my end and I was scared I would lose the sale.  However, Michael did not abandon me and assured me that he would wait for the title and bank errors to be corrected.  He delivered on his promise and allowed me to move on with my life.  I feel certain that if I had been working with a typical homebuyer, they would not have had the patience to wait an extra two months for the deal to close and would have moved onto another property.  I highly recommend working with Michael.

- Jonathan Marks, Ooltewah House Seller