3 Situations You Should Not Sell to a Home Investor

Quick Overview – 3 Situations You Should Not Sell to a Home Investor We have all seen the internet ads or mailings that say, “We’ll Buy Your House for Cash Fast”. These advertisements are from investors that buy houses. These professional buyers usually buy the house “as-is”, pay cash and are flexible on closing date. For … Continued
Cash Home Buyer Cleveland TN

How does Selling my House to an Investor Work?

Watch Video Below        Are you wondering “How does selling my house to an investor work”  or curious about the steps to selling your house to a Cash Home buyer? This video goes over the process we use when a home buyer is looking to sell their house to an investor or “We Buy … Continued
Selling house using a realtor vs a real estate investor

Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor vs Other Options

Selling Your House To A Real Estate Investor vs Other Options Pros, cons, costs, and timeline of each option   So, you need to sell your house. Selling in a market like today’s can sometimes be frustrating. With so many other houses on the market it gives buyers out there more choices… and often times … Continued

Top 10 Repairs this House Flipper Recommends

Top 10 Repairs this House Flipper Recommends to Sell Your Old House   Are you thinking about selling an older house that hasn’t been updated in the last 10 years?  Maybe you have inherited a property, going through a divorce, or have a house that was ruined by bad tenants.  Whatever the case, the property … Continued
Sellmichaelyourhouse.com featured in Chattanoogan.com article

SellMichaelYourHouse Featured in Chattanoogan Article

SellMichaelYourHouse Featured in Chattanoogan Article The Chattanoogan.com recently featured a story about Michael Rogers, owner of SellMichaelYourHouse.com.  In January 2017, I will be retiring from my corporate auditor job to go full-time as a real estate investor.  Over the last 15 years I’ve worked dual careers to get to this point.  My primary job was … Continued

Using a Realtor vs a Cash Buyer

Difference between Using a Realtor vs a Cash Buyer So you have probably seen the billboards, signs on the road, and websites that advertise “We Buy Houses Chattanooga”, “We Buy Ugly Chattanooga houses” or “Sell my Chattanooga house fast” and wonder how these services work.  Are they reputable?  Can they really buy my house in 2 … Continued

Earn $500: Refer a Motivated Seller

Do you know anyone looking to sell their house? I am looking to buy houses in Chattanooga area and will pay you a $500 referral if you refer me a motivated seller that ends up selling their house to me. Why Sell to Michael…. I am an excellent buyer that won’t string the seller along … Continued

Divorced and Need to Sell House?

Who get’s the house? Are you getting a divorce and need to sell your house fast. So what do you do?  A lot of people panic, but they don’t have to.  Divorce is one of the leading reasons houses get sold in a hurry.  People need cash fast for houses when they get divorced, sometimes to cover the high … Continued

Foreclosure Scams in Chattanooga– Beware Of Scams Like These

As you now, foreclosures over the past 5 years have been at record levels.  Just like with anything, when there’s an opportunity or when there’s people in pain… the dishonest and unscrupulous people in the world tend to come out of the dark shadows to prey on home owners who don’t know any better. Foreclosure … Continued